Elijah's Xtreme Ghost Pepper Sauce (5 Oz)

  • $7.50

Elijah’s Xtreme was born from a father and son’s love of hot peppers and passion to create a more flavorful, thicker, hotter, hot sauce.

  • HOTTEST SAUCE OUT THERE If you are looking for HEAT, Elijah's Xtreme is made from the best peppers for awesome quality and insane heat!
  • BEST TASTING FLAVOR Top heat from the Naga Jolokia and habanero peppers perfectly balanced with flavor from lime juice and garlic, gives you the best tasting hot sauce on the market.
  • DELICIOUS ON EVERYTHING Hotter and thicker and made to be amazing on anything.
  • JUST A DROP OR TWO! Try just a drop and add more if you dare. And, don’t worry - it's a perfectly sized bottle, so it stays fresh whether you use a lot or a little.